• Foster a strong and inclusive community, where we recognize the intrinsic worth of each individual.


  • Promote a decision-making process that is based on informed and rational thinking, in addition to productive conversations with all parties involved.


  • Protect and preserve our rural communities by maintaining open spaces for recreation and small-scale agriculture.


  • Support the ecosystem of top-quality public education through respect for the needs of students, teachers and staff.


  • Defend our freedom by encouraging civic engagement, participation and cooperation in the democratic process. 

  • Value the benefits of affordable and accessible health care and mental health awareness and support.


  • Honor the first responders who keep us safe, and have a deep knowledge of our community and the residents it serves.


  • Recognize the positive influence of local businesses, public institutions, and non-profit organizations that serve our community.


  • Advocate for a healthy balance of power and shared responsibility in the relationship between employer and employee.