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Elected Officials

House Representative District 39

Megan Cotter Representative District 39

Megan Cotter

As a working mom, I know Rhode Island families deserve better from our state government, and that’s why I am running again to represent District 39 at the Rhode Island State House. Now more than ever, we need to give our community a voice in the General Assembly that understands this District, and I am committed to promoting compassion and unity over hatred and division. 

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Richmond Town Council

Samantha Wilcox

Samantha Wilcox

As a newly elected Richmond Town Councilor, I wanted to thank all who expressed their support for my campaign by voting for me. By way of mountain bike, I have been up and down almost every street in Richmond to introduce myself to as many residents as possible. I value every conversation along the way and appreciate everyone who took the time to speak with me. In case we have not met, please know you can reach out to me any time.

As a current member of commissions/committees, it has been my pleasure to work and volunteer in service of our shared community. I am committed to continuing this work on the council with all other elected members. We shared similar goals while campaigning, including affordable taxes, keeping Richmond rural and increasing civic engagement.

Working as a team is not without challenges. We are all human and may have different views. I believe we can overcome those challenges and work together as one council. Different opinions, perspectives and informed debate are important elements of moving forward. It is equally important that all residents feel empowered to raise their concerns. All differences must be addressed with civility, integrity and a commitment to doing what is best for Richmond and our community.

I moved to Richmond for its outdoor recreation, safe neighborhoods and great schools. These are qualities I hope to protect. While our town is wonderful, the general concern among many residents of various political parties is the affordability of our taxes and preservation of open spaces. The most commonly discussed strategy for tax relief is economic development.

Our approach to economic development must support existing businesses and encourage new businesses. We need to plan for how this development affects our community, our neighborhoods, our environment and our infrastructure (utilities, traffic, housing, etc.) in the long term before approving projects. It’s important we treat all businesses equally, fairly and ensure everyone follows zoning laws/ordinances and planning procedures.

We also have the opportunity to highlight our ecotourism. As people visit Richmond to hike, bike, fish and enjoy our open spaces, they will also visit our restaurants and other businesses.

Finally, I will ensure I am open and clear in deliberations, debates and reasoning for decisions. I will work to earn your trust through transparency, which is a necessary part of working as a public servant.

Thank you again for your support. I look forward to hearing your ideas for Richmond and working with you.


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Chariho School Committee

Jessica Purcell

Jessica Purcell

As the parent of two children in Richmond Elementary School, I’m driven every day to ensure that they receive what they need to thrive. As a member of the Chariho community, that drive extends beyond my own family. I believe that all students need and deserve a quality education that is delivered in a safe and supportive environment. 

Strong schools are the heart of a strong community. In addition to K-12 education, our schools provide employment opportunities and essential benefits for teachers and staff. The whole community prospers when we share strong educational values and work together to address the real challenges that students of Chariho face. As a School Committee member, my top priority is our students and making our district the best it can be. I serve as a partner to all stakeholders, and believe in the strength of collaboration to meet the needs of this moment and also the needs of future generations.

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