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Richmond Hiking Trails

One of the town’s biggest selling points is its trees. Living in an area with acres of forests in every direction is certainly a draw to the area for nature lovers. With the local flora and fauna constantly changing around us, getting out on a hike is a great way to spend a day during any season in New England. While walking trails, conservation areas and state/town lands abound, there are a few local trails that are perfect for a family hike. With moderate distances and elevation changes, some even designed specifically for accessibility, there is a hike out there for any skill level and ability.

Richmond Heritage Trail This trail features a short loop that is very accessible, includes a picnic stop and is dotted with informative placards all about the town’s history. At 0.4 miles this is a pleasant stroll that is great for little kids and dog walking. (Dogs are welcome, but must be leashed and cleaned up after) If you want a longer hike, the larger loop is a 1.8 mile out-and-back through the woods. Author’s note: there is a tree that looks like a butt…big hit for kids and adults alike.

Beaver River Preserve For a “moderately challenging” hike this 1.5 mile loop includes a flooded wetland and the site of a former grist mill. As the name implies hikers can often see beaver dams and lodges. Also keep an eye out for insects as the area is a known breeding ground for Ringed Boghaunter dragonflies. (Check out this issue of Rhode Island Explorer for some information on the dragonflies.)

Within Richmond itself hikers can also enjoy Crawley Preserve and the Carolina Management Area.

If you wish to travel around the state, The Nature Conservancy is a great resource for hiking trails that are maintained as part of the organization's quest to maintain green spaces and waterways while reducing the impact of climate change.

Overall the state has almost 400 hiking trails available. Use the trails here in Richmond to get a taste of the great New England outdoors, then explore everything Rhode Island has to offer nature lovers.

-- Alexis Turner


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