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Voting in Richmond Elections and Referendums

With a series of elections and referendums coming up this year, it’s worth highlighting that there are a number of different ways to vote. First, it’s worth highlighting how to register to vote. For most elections, you have to register to vote at least thirty days before the election. However, in Rhode Island, you can register to vote the same day that you vote, but you’ll only be able to cast a vote for the President that day.*

To register, you can go to the Voter Information Center and register to vote. You can also visit the Richmond Town Hall and register for the town clerk. Many also register to vote at the same time that they submit forms with the DMV.

Once registered, you can vote in-person on the same day for any of the elections and referendums. Voting is conducted at the Richmond Town Hall between 8 am and 8 pm. Make sure you bring a form of ID with you when you go to vote. If you live in another Rhode Island town, you can always check your polling place on the Voter Information Center.

Mail-in voting and early voting is also available for the presidential preference primary, Chariho school construction bond referendum, primary election, and the general election. These options aren’t available for the Charhio school budget referendum on April 9, or the Richmond Town budget referendum on June 3. For those two referendums, you’d have to go to the Town Hall in person on the day of the referendum.

To apply for mail-in voting, you can go to this website and apply for a mail-in ballot. It’s important to note that you don’t need a particular reason to request a mail-in ballot – while the website requests a reason when you apply, you can always pick the last option and request a ballot for any reason. There is a deadline to apply for a mail-in ballot a few weeks before each election. 

For the twenty days prior to eligible elections and referendums, you can also conduct early voting at the Richmond Town Hall. To vote early, you can go to the Richmond Town Hall during normal business hours (9 am to 4 pm). 

It’s also worth highlighting that the town is also looking for poll workers for the elections and referendums. This is a great way to volunteer to help the town, and high school students can also volunteer to serve as a poll worker if they are sixteen or older. There will be training for the poll workers once you sign up, and they will cover lunch on the election day. For more information on volunteering as a poll worker, contact the Richmond Town Clerk’s office.

*Rhode Island allows same-day voter registration for presidential elections only. If you miss the voter registration deadline, you can register to vote on Election Day but you will only be able to vote for President and Vice President. You will not be able to vote in any state, local, or other federal races. You can only register and vote on Election Day at the location designated by your local board of canvassers.

-- Chris Kona


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