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Making your Voice Heard Outside Local Government

I had attended a seminar a few weeks ago on college financial options, FAFSA, and other aspects of paying for college. Towards the end of the session, one of the attendees had expressed frustration with the FAFSA changes that are coming. Now, there’s plenty about the FAFSA and college financial application process to be frustrated about. However, the FAFSA is a federal form, and the woman giving the seminar on how to fill it out is just there to support the federal process, and isn’t a good target for our frustration.

So, given that, how do we express our frustration for federal activities in a way that doesn't earn the personal ire of our accountants? Our elected federal representatives! Seth Magaziner is the congressional representative for Rhode Island’s 2nd congressional district that includes Richmond. He considers it his responsibility to help make sure the federal government is providing for his constituents. His role is broader than just the votes he casts in Congress, though that’s part of it. He wants to make sure the federal government is doing everything that it can for the people in Rhode Island.

Seth Magaziner has been very up front about ways to contact him, and wants his staff to be able to help you. His website provides a start, but he can also be reached by phone (401-244-1201), social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), or through his website. His website even has a specific link for help in working with federal agencies.

American democracy is underwritten by the participation of citizens in voicing their concerns, and the federal government exists to take care of its citizens. Don’t be afraid to reach out to our federal representatives – they are eager for our input and need it to be successful! Further, their job is to make sure the fruit of their legislative efforts make it to everyone in their district, and they’re willing to help as much as they can to do that. So, if you’re baffled, frustrated, or looking for some help with the federal government – ask your representative!

-- Chris Kona


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