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Candidates 2024

Megan Cotter Representative District 39

Megan Cotter

As a working mom, I know what it means to count every dollar. In 2017, when my family's house burned down, we lost everything—our furniture, our clothes, our kids’ favorite toys. But caring neighbors like you came together and helped us rebuild from scratch. That experience taught me that anything is possible when our community is united. In 2022, you placed your trust in me, and I have worked to advocate for our community. Now, I am asking for your support once again as I run for reelection in 2024. I am ready to keep fighting for the real needs of this community and the people who have given me so much.

Supporting Taxpayers


  • Increased tax exemptions for Social Security and retirement income, passed a $250 child tax credit, restored cost of living adjustments for retirees, and supported car tax elimination.

  • Secured more funding for public schools in regional school districts.

  • Brought more money into the community than any other Representative in the past decade.

Protecting our Forests


  • Advocated and added funding for two forest ranger positions to maintain forest health.

  • Formed the Forest Management Commission in response to the Exeter forest fire.

  • Sponsored a bill to make the Green Bond greener, securing additional funds for farms, forest management, and open spaces.

Reducing the Cost of Healthcare


  • Fully funded the plan to raise Medicaid reimbursement rates next year, making healthcare more accessible and affordable.

  • Worked with RIPTA to fund a van for Wood River Health, improving access to aordable healthcare.

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Senate District 34

Steve Moffitt

Steve Moffitt

Steve is a dedicated candidate running for the Rhode Island State Senate in District 34. As a married father of five with a wife who serves as an educator in the Chariho Regional School District, family and community are at the core of his values. Steve is a Hopkinton resident who has been actively involved in local municipal governance, having been elected to the town council in 2020 and previously serving as council president.

In addition to his political roles, Steve is deeply engaged in community service, volunteering as a board member and director of fields for the Chariho Youth Soccer Association, while also serving as the head coach for the Chariho Middle School  boys soccer team, showcasing his commitment to improving the lives of his fellow residents. With over 20 years of experience as a golf course superintendent, Steve is known for his strong work ethic and dedication to his craft, putting in the work is something that comes naturally.

Steve's policy interests reflect his comprehensive understanding of the issues affecting his community. He is passionate about:

  • Legislative impacts on municipalities

  • Ensuring healthcare access is affordable

  • Protecting women's reproductive rights

  • Advocating for education funding

  • Addressing environmental concerns

  • Promoting affordable housing

  • Driving economic development

  • Supporting responsible renewable energy initiatives.


With his background in local municipal government and his professional experience, Steve Moffitt is well-positioned to be a strong advocate for his Senate district. He understands the intricate connections between state legislation and its effects on local towns, emphasizing the importance of crafting policies that empower municipalities to serve their residents effectively. If elected, Steve pledges to be a strong voice for his constituents, working tirelessly to address the critical issues facing Rhode Island and its communities.

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Town Councilor Samantha Wilcox

Samantha Wilcox

Councilor Samantha Wilcox started her public service as a member of the Conservation Commission and Dog Park Committee. She was elected to the Town Council in 2022. During this time she focused on key issues that are important to Richmond, including protecting our environment, ensuring our tax dollars are spent wisely, expanding beneficial business development, and increasing transparency and civic engagement


She championed several initiatives to benefit our town, many of which passed Council with a 3 to 2 vote, including,


  • Authorization of a voter approved $2.5 Mil Bond for Repairs to our Roads (3-2);

  • Learn365 - An opportunity funded by the state to bring after school & vacation educational programs to students (3-1);

  • Partnering with the YMCA for use of their community room funded by Learn365 (3-2);

  • Creation of a Long-Term Capital Improvement Strategy (5-0);

  • Establishment of a Municipal Court (3-2); and

  • Proposed and created a Small Business Grant which gave 9 local businesses assistance with expansion.


She took multiple steps towards the ultimate goal of revitalizing Main Street including approving an evaluation of the infrastructure capacity and creation of a vision for the growth of Wyoming. She advocated for and voted in favor of the Aquifer Protection Overlay District. These updated ordinances expand uses allowed on  commercial properties while protecting our water supply. (3-2)


Public servants are elected to serve and represent our constituents, and she makes every effort to be available to hear your concerns and keep residents informed. 

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Jim Palmisciano

Jim Palmisciano

During Jim’s council tenure he worked with council members and town staff to ensure the safety of our residents during COVID. He championed the creation of an objective, fair, and formal review process for town employees that is in place today. Jim worked to protect our children and police first responders at Richmond Elementary through the S.A.F.E. Proposal, allocating American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to facilitate much needed upgrades to police personal protection equipment and school safety infrastructure on site. Jim demonstrated his leadership skills by working with a divided council to achieve consensus on important issues to benefit the people of Richmond.

​"I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for the Richmond Town Council once again! I am eager to connect with everyone in our community to share my vision for bringing back common sense, integrity, forward focus, and openness to our council, all in service of the people of Richmond. I am grateful to the Richmond Democratic Town Committee for their faith and endorsement in me as a candidate for office. Your support means the world to me, and I humbly ask for your help in achieving success. This can be in the form of canvasing, placing a yard sign on your property, hosting a neighbor gathering to meet and speak with me, or by considering a donation to my campaign. Together, we can make a positive difference for our town! Thank you for your support!"

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Mark Reynolds

Mark Reynolds

The Republican members of the Town Council have engaged in behavior that has turned our usually boring Town meetings into a sea of dysfunction. We have seen actions ranging from a rude and condescending attitude toward town staff and residents, to ignoring the provisions of our Town Charter and the will of a majority of residents, to seeking sweetheart tax deals for a single development.


Most recently the Ethics Commission found probable cause that Councilor Colasante has violated ethics laws. I have publically spoken out against these actions. Disruption and disrespect should not be tolerated in our Town Councilors. Good government must be based upon ethical behavior and transparent decision making.


The Town Council needs members willing to collaborate to find solutions to issues with the input of residents, volunteer board members and staff. Richmond can only prosper if residents feel they are valued and are being heard. I will base my decisions on facts and reason, not rhetoric. I will provide honest and responsible leadership to Richmond.


My wife, Karen, and I have lived in Richmond for more than 20 years. I am an attorney with a small law firm in Providence. We have three children – two Chariho graduates (2015 & 2016), and one is currently a student at Chariho Middle School.


I have served in leadership positions at several community organizations. I have been a board member of the Arcadia YMCA for more than 12 yrs. I also served on the board of the Ocean Community YMCA for 9 years (2015-2024) and I was the Chair/Chief Volunteer Officer of the Ocean Community YMCA from 2021-2023. I have been a leader in Troop 1 Richmond BSA for 10 years and I served as the Troop Committee Chair from 2012-2016.


For the Town of Richmond, I am the Chair of the Board of Tax Assessment Review. In 2022 I was Vice Chair of the Charter Review Commission and Town Moderator.

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Dan Madnick

Daniel Madnick

Daniel currently serves as vice chair on the Richmond Planning Board. This provided him with first-hand exposure to land use in Richmond. From this position, he was a strong champion for the Aquifer Protection Overlay District ordinance, which provided opportunities for development in Richmond in a way that still protected the Richmond water supply and public health. He also works closely with the town planning staff, and is eager to rebuild the working relationships between the town staff and Town Council. Dan will continue to find ways to promote sustainable growth in Richmond that improve life in the town while keeping the town’s rural character.


About Dan:

  • Engineering Supervisor of an Advanced Structural Analysis Group at General Dynamics - Electric Boat

  • Town of Richmond Planning Board Vice Chair

  • Primary Contributor to the 2023 Aquifer Protection Overlay District Ordinance and 2024 State-mandated Zoning Ordinance Revisions

  • Town of Richmond Planning Board Member since 2019

  • Primary Contributor to the 2021 Comprehensive Community Plan Update

  • Richmond Community Alliance Steering Committee Member

  • Achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in 2006


Dan's Goals:

Economic Development

  • #1 Priority: Focus on Wyoming redevelopment and Richmond Commons to include small businesses, affordable housing, rental properties, and recreation opportunities

  • Develop a Richmond Commerce and Business website

  • Engage YMCA to discuss plans for upgraded facility in Richmond and potential community center partnership

  • Work with Planning Board to create special zoning district for an Urgent Care Facility

  • Richmond's natural resources and rural character can be maintained while pursuing sustainable economic development

Budget and Taxation

  • Fiscal Responsibility - Ensure municipal spending and revenue are managed appropriately

  • Use innovative ideas to reduce municipal spending, improve efficiency of town operations, and reduce waste


  • Improve relationship and communication with residents, town staff, and government at every level

  • Encourage public input and involvement in town decisions

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Chariho School Committee Member Jessica Purcell

Jessica Purcell

I am an active community member and volunteer in Richmond. I'm a parent of two Chariho students, a small business owner, and a Chariho School Committee member. I serve our community to keep Chariho schools strong and always improving. All students deserve a comprehensive education that delivers the basics and beyond. We need a School Committee with a focus on students first, that will collaborate with stakeholders and school leaders to keep Chariho moving forward.

We need moms like me.

Moms like me stand up for what’s right. I fought back against those who dismissed voter will, undermined the Richmond Charter, and tried to block my lawful appointment to the School Committee. I will keep fighting for our schools, students, and staff. 


Strong public schools are essential for a strong community, and the whole community prospers when we share strong educational values and work together to address the real challenges of our regional School District.


I serve as a partner to all stakeholders with four top goals: Prioritize students, Value teachers and staff, Collaborate with community, and Protect public education. Visit my website to learn more about how I’m achieving these goals to meet the needs of this moment and the needs of future generations.

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Karen Reynolds

Karen Reynolds

I was appointed to the committee in 2021.  It is important to our community that I am elected to this seat.  Chariho is a top rated public school district and I will work to see that it remains so. 


I have attended every meeting since my appointment.  Participating in important discussions and votes that enable our district to continue to provide a high quality education for all of our students. As a mom of two Chariho graduates and one current middle school student I have an interest in making sure that Chariho continues high quality programs.  For the past thirty years I have been in the classroom. I am a middle school teacher in a neighboring district.  I see the successes and struggles that students, families,  faculty, and staff  face on  a daily basis.  I am well equipped to balance the needs of students with the concerns of the taxpayers. 


My goals;

  • High quality curriculum that encourages all of our students to be critical thinkers for the 21st century.

  • Ensuring safe and modern learning spaces for all students but especially for our elementary students.

  • Continued growth of high quality programs at the secondary level, including our Career and Tech Center as well as specialized Pathways so that students can graduate with knowledge and skills to pursue the numerous options available to them. 

  • Providing fiscally responsible budgets that ensure continued success for our community.  Making sure that taxpayer dollars stay in our community. 

  • Being an advocate for our all members of our community


Public education is our greatest responsibility. We all reach success when our children are able to reach their goals.  Please vote for Jessica Purcell and myself in November to keep Chariho strong.


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