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Richmond, Rhode Island

Our Mission 

The mission of the RDTC is to promote the election of party candidates on a town, district and state level, keeping in mind a responsibility to the residents of the town of Richmond for their quality of life. We support local government that is responsive to Richmond residents. We endorse trustworthy community leaders who believe in cooperation to achieve collective goals that will move our town in a positive direction. We advocate sustainable growth that respects our natural resources and infrastructure while meeting the needs of our multigenerational community.

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Richmond Democratic Town Committee

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We meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month at the Richmond Community/Senior Center (2nd floor of the Richmond Police Station) at

6:30 pm. New members welcome!

Next Meeting: Wednesday,

August 28

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Candidate Spotlight
Jessica Purcell

Jessica Purcell

Chariho School Committee

As a parent of two Chariho students, it's my duty to help them thrive. As a Chariho School Committee member, I serve to keep our schools strong and continually improving. All students deserve a comprehensive education that delivers the basics and beyond.


Chariho schools are vitally important to the health of our community. Strong schools not only serve our youngest residents but they support the local economy, and boost property values. The benefits of quality public education have a positive impact on individuals and our society as a whole.

We need a School Committee with a focus on students first. We need a School Committee that collaborates with stakeholders and school leaders to keep Chariho moving forward.


We need moms like me.

Learn more about Jessica!


Attention RI voters: We're just a few weeks away from the September 10th primary election.

Key dates:

August 11 - Deadline to register to vote for Primary Election

August 20 - Deadline to submit a mail ballot application

August 21 – September 9 - Early voting period


September 10th at 8pm - Deadline for receipt of mail ballots

October 6 - Voter registration deadline - General Election

October 15 - Deadline to submit a mail ballot application - General Election

October 16 - November 4 - Early voting and emergency mail ballot period - General Election

November 5, 2024 GENERAL ELECTION

Visit for a full election calendar and voting information.

Check out the Voter Information Center

  • Register to Vote

  • Find your Elected Officials

  • View/Update Your Voter Record

  • Know Your Voting Rights

Woman with child voting

Voting in Richmond Elections and Referendums

With a series of elections and referendums coming up this year, it’s worth highlighting that there are a number of different ways to vote. First, it’s worth highlighting how to register to vote. For most elections, you have to register to vote at least thirty days before the election. However, in Rhode Island, you can register to vote the same day that you vote, but you’ll only be able to cast a vote for the President that day.

Follow our new blog "Living in Richmond". Whether you are new to our town or a long time resident, learn about the inside scoop on how to “Live in Richmond” while making full use of the local shops, town services, educational opportunities, events, and public spaces.

Latest post: Registering New Students at Chariho – Locator Cards

News and Events

Congressman Seth Magaziner

Congressman Seth Magaziner visited our town this past Thursday to chat with residents. Jess Purcell for Chariho School Committee and Karen Reynolds for Chariho also attended to gain better insight for the needs of our community.

We're grateful to everyone who came out to his visit! We talked about some of the major policy achievements that our representative has helped pass through congress. All great examples of popular democratic ideas that have helped the U.S.

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2024 Signature Drive

Thanks to everyone who came out for our nomination signature drive! We had a great turnout, in spite of a little rain. It was a great chance for folks to connect with our candidates, and we're glad to see everyone so excited to see them run!

Signing Candidate's Nomination Papers
Steve Moffitt and Rrep. Megan Cotter
Crowd at 2024 Signature Drive
Richmond RI Democratic Town Committee Announces 2024 Endorsed Candidates

Richmond RI Democratic Town Committee Announces their Endorsed Candidates for the 2024 Election

The Richmond Democratic Town Committee is excited to announce their endorsement of candidates for the 2024 election. After the struggles and scandals last year at the local level, it’s critically important to elect and re-elect trusted candidates who will govern responsibly and act on the behalf of all Richmond. 

Representative Megan Cotter and Attorney General Peter Neronha

Canvass for Megan Cotter, with Attorney General Peter Neronha

Megan Cotter for State Representative District 39 is planning a canvassing event for her reelection campaign Saturday, August 10 at 10AM at the Clark Memorial Library! We would love any and all support from volunteers to come help her out. Mark your calendars because you get to meet Attorney General Peter Neronha too!

Did you know that Megan has brought more money to the communities of District 39 than any other Representative in the past decade? This is only her first term! Let’s keep her in!

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