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Richmond, Rhode Island

We strive earnestly to build a local governing body that is responsive to the needs of Richmond residents. We deserve a government of integrity and transparency that works to move the town of Richmond forward in a positive direction. We shall put forth leaders who are trustworthy and believe in cooperation to achieve collective goals of economic growth, support of residents, and respect for natural resources. 

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Richmond Democratic Town Committee

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We meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month at the Richmond Community/Senior Center (2nd floor of the Richmond Police Station) at

7 pm. New members welcome!


Next Meeting: March 22, 2023

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Let's work together to keep Chariho successful! We can't level-fund for another year. The negative financial repercussions from last year are clear.

If you are dedicated to the fundamental mission of public education to provide accessible opportunities for ALL children, to provide union-backed employment to adults (majority of whom are women), and to provide value to our community, please join tonight to share your support and to share your thoughts on proposals.

Tonight, attendees will be provided with options for cuts based on discussions. Some of those options include: cutting MS and JV sports, which are not required by law; implementing depot stops to facilitate less bus routes; cutting staff and increasing class sizes; cutting classes with 15 or fewer students; consolidating/closing a school; cutting additional supplies, furniture, and library books.

This is the final budget workshop but not the final conversation:

Tuesday, March 7th: Annual School District Budget Public Hearing

Tuesday, March 14th: School Committee Meeting

Tuesday, April 4th: Budget Referendum

Shame on Richmond town councilors Helen Sheehan, Mark Trimmer, and Michael Colasante for their disgraceful performance at the meeting to fill Richmond's vacant seat on the school committee. They appointed the Gaspee Project's chair Clay Johnson over the will of the 1469 voters who had chosen Jess Purcell in November.

Of interest is that Colasante cited Atty. Flanders and Trimmer cited Atty. Larisa, both of whom "represented the Gaspee Project in a 2019 lawsuit, in which the group challenged the state requirement that required the organization to report expenditures made to support issues or individuals. See also RICHMOND TOWN COUNCIL MEETING UPDATE FOR JANUARY 19th 2023 Council Names Clay Johnson to School Committee


Chariho School Committee Meeting

Budget Discussion started last week with two Workshops and will continue with this meeting and the schedule listed below:

Tuesday, March 7th: Annual School District Budget Public Hearing

Tuesday, March 14th: SC Meeting

Tuesday, April 4th: Budget Referendum

Regular SC meetings are livestreamed on YT >

You can find additional meeting materials here >

News and Events
Megan Cotter Interview on RI Capitol TV

Learn more about our new State Rep. Megan Cotter in this interview. It's so encouraging to finally have a representative who is eloquent, enthusiastic, invested in the community, and dedicated to working on the issues that are of concern to constituents.

Rhode Island House of Representatives Rep. Megan Cotter has deep roots in Rhode Island and is consistently cheered on by her family, friends and neighbors.

As a Representative, she's looking to make changes this Session that will benefit RIers starting with legislation that protects jobs in grocery stores. In her other profession, she sells squid...the State's official appetizer. Cotter explains her story in this RI Capitol TV Capitol Spotlight interview.

canoe filled with 50ml plastic liquor bottles

RDTC has been proud to work alongside with the Friends of the Saugatucket and concerned community members as we care for our town by collecting 50-ml plastic alcohol bottles, or 'nips'. Thank you to Bill McCusker for being a leader in the effort to pass a bottle bill in RI, #H5502.

Join the RDTC as for a cleanup in partnership with the Friends of the Saugatucket. From now until March 27th, we'll be collecting 50ml liquor bottles, with three scheduled dates for group cleanups. We will also be collecting on our own personal time.

March 18 >

Samantha Wilcox - Richmond Town Council

"One of my goals as a new councilor is to ensure residents are informed. While canvassing, I often heard that residents felt like they had to be on social media to receive information.


To help communication, I have started (and hope to continue) to provide councilor updates periodically. My intention is that residents can be informed of decisions I have made, my reasoning for decisions and upcoming topics. It will reflect my opinion and not the thoughts or opinions of other groups/individuals. These posts can be found HERE and you can sign up to receive an email after posting.


I look forward to serving you on Town Council and please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly if you have any questions."  

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